Everything's M.A.D.D. (2007)


Everyday life with Milja, Annie, Dexter, and Dan in comic strip format.

“I started drawing these characters in September soon after Annie moved in to be an au pair. They became a series of short comic illustrating our life together, with Milja and our dog, Dexter. Soon I had over 20 comics and so I decided to collect them all together in printed form. And here it is! A short comical insight into an Autumn of fun in Finland.”

Title Everything’s M.A.D.D.
Year 2007
Authors Rowden, Dan
Publisher   ART-Palvelu, Espoo, Finland
Printer Evtek
Type soft cover, 23 pages, colour illustrations; 15 x 21 cm
Language   English
ISBN 978-951-97250-3-1
Availability   Sold out
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